Exhibition - Facets of Art - Faces of the Street

foto: Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska foto: Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska

Facets of Art - Faces of the Street - exhibition of Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska’s

photographs documenting the spectacles of the International Street Art Festival

Facets of Art - Faces of the Streetproject is a continuation of our cooperation with the theatre photographer Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska. Dramatic art gains new quality when it leaves theatre halls. Direct interaction with the audience, especially with accidental spectators, gives it exceptional energy and many new meanings. The artist’s photographs show how the theatre that has been taken out to the street becomes a part of it, fits into the urban climate. The work of a photographer who documents a street festival is different from the task of a person preparing traditional theatre shots. The pictures of street performances cannot be sterile photos, they have to show the city and the spectators as equal participants of each spectacle. The photographs presented at the exhibition come from the 21st Street Art Festival, from 2013. Katarzyna (Kasia) Chmura has been cooperating with us since 2010.

18 June – 22 July | Rynek Nowego Miasta (New Town Square), Teatr WARSawy, Facets of Art - Faces of the Street – exhibition of Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska’s

As the artist says,
How does a theatre photographer work? How to make an interesting photo documentary of a festival? Will anything change if this festival takes place in the street? Facets of Art - Faces of the Street is the answer to the above questions. I have been working on documenting festivals for years, trying to find the balance between capturing the atmosphere of the event and documenting the performances.
Which is more important? Showing how art enters and transforms the space where it is happening here and now? Or presenting the spectacle itself — the detail, the movement, the frame that carries the message intended by the Artist? Facets of Art - Faces of the Street shows both of these aspects. Facets of Art presents festival spectacles, while Faces of the Street is a confrontation of the theatre with the spectator. Because in each performance of a street theatre the spectator and the street are additional, yet essential Actors, though their names do not figure in the programme.

Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowskais a Warsaw theatre photographer and festival documentarian. She is a freelance artist and cooperates with theatres and festivals (including dance events) throughout Poland. She has worked for the Street Art Festival since 2010. She is particularly interested in pantomime art and has cooperated with the most important contemporary mime artists.

Last year we presented her exhibition Chmura in the Street. You can follow the artist’s work on facebook:


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