Ernest Zawada and design students from Katowice School of Technology - "Cocoons"

Ernest Zawada and design students from Katowice School of Technology (Poland)

Ernest Zawada was born in September 1971. He studied in the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, at the Department of Painting. He received a Cum-Laude Diploma in 1995 in professor Stefan Gierowski’s studio. In 2008 he received the title of dr hab (higher level of PhD). He is a professor of ATH (Technology and Humanities Academy) in Bielsko-Biała. Until now he has had over 60 exhibitions, installations and visual happenings. His works are in numerous private collections and museums all over the world, including Poland, Israel, Vatican, and the USA. He is the author of Nauka rysunku — ucz się od polskich mistrzów (Drawing - Learn from the Polish Masters)

date and place of presentation

29 June | Rynek Nowego Miasta (New Town Square), at 7.00 pm and design students from Katowice School of Technology "Cocoons"


— a visual action / happening, spatial installation, avant-garde fashion show — a presentation of unique clothing designed and made by a group of students from the Katowice School of Technology (WST). The participants of the project are wrapped in white nonwoven fabric that makes them look like cocoons and they slowly free their bodies from the coverings to the rhythm of Chopin’s music. To the eyes of passers-by appear unusual clothes and soon dance transforms this ‘clothing’ installation into a para-theatrical visual structure. Models present a kind of “body-art”. The show is a synthesis of form, light and sound that animates public space.

Creator of the project: prof. Ernest Zawada
Cooperation: dr inż. Monika Bogusławska-Bączek, mgr inż. Renata Kujawa
Co-production: Katowice School of Technology (Wyższa Szkoła Techniczna w Katowicach)

Participants of the project, design students from Katowice School of technology: Tadeusz Gwóźdź, Dominika Bełz, Justyna Kowol, Wiktoria Bieńkowska, Alicja Brol, Filip Komaniewski, Ania Biernot, Dorota Hyla, Adrianna Jaguś, Magdalena Fyda, Aleksandra Dec, Anna Pustelnik, Agnieszka Warsz, Marcelina Nowak, Magdalena Wąś, Patrycja Szymik, Andżelika Wicher, Magdalena Żalińska, Magdalena Kowalczyk, Roksana Sołtysik, Ewelina Cholewa, Martyna Góra, Magdalena Łozowska, Aleksandra Dziura, Karolina Burda-Warzecha, Agata Moskal, Agnieszka Kopek, Katarzyna Zawada, Augustyn Zawada.

Katowice School of Technology is one of the leading universities in Silesia, in the domains of technology and art. WST is the first private university in the region of Silesia that educates future architects, designers, construction specialists, directors, camera operators and actors. The school is constantly developing its potential and educational offer, which makes it more and more competitive in Poland. The mission of the school is creating a modern system of educating artists and engineers at B.A. and M.A. level according to European standards. Because of high standards set by the job market, students have an opportunity to get acquainted with new computer technologies and modern design techniques. The courses are organised as full time or part time. The distinguishing feature of the School is a special syllabus and highly qualified teachers from Silesian, Cracow, Poznań and Łódź academic circles. The interdisciplinary syllabus gives students solid theoretical and practical foundations for their future jobs.

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